Jizzyjakes' Untold Stories


So I know you guys are there thinking I’ve disowned you guys and all, but it’s nothing like that. Like guys, come on -I can explain guys! Lol! A girl definitely knows you went and did her wrong when you say something that crass. “No but baby, I can explain!” Fuck! Just forget it. Bro, dude…my nigga! Just walk away after saying those three words.


Right so that was the introduction. The main reason of my absence for such a long time was simply cause of the problems I’ve been having woman. Yes, yes I know…I know.

I know you there thinking “The fuck can JizzyJakes be having woman problems for?”, but in a way -I’ve been having some serious problems. There has just been too many of them at once in honesty.

A major influx with various personalities, various pros and cons and well…ya you kinda get what I mean. I’ll explain that situation in my next blog.

However something very close to my apartment lies something much much more than meets the eye. Someone who every time I see, seems to instantly have me smiling. I seem to sense that the feeling is a quite mutual for her as well. She always seems to lighten up with this majestic glow on her face. This is then followed by a vibrant wave, especially for me, which then persuades me into a trance, forcing me to get up of my table seat and walk towards her ridiculously amazing body waiting for me at my door. We’d meet by my apartment door, where I’d attempt prolonging our conversation for as long as I can. In this act, she would enlighten me about her day and how everything went right and wrong about it. While in this conversation, I’d find myself just gazing into her eyes, piecing her outfit apart as if I’m undressing it all off using my eyes. Sounds like freaky doesn’t it? But that’s the kinda shit this girl has been having me on. She’s been making me trip hard, making me do things that are most definitely forbidden in the game and not to mention -The Hoodlum Pages.

At the end of our conversation, she would then start making her way towards her apartment. Her walk would increase quite rapidly. Faster, faster and faster -until she reaches her door at apartment 8 were she would cautiously open it up. This is a routine. So addictive I find myself coming back home by 16:30pm, prompt as a motherfucker in my time -like my job dependent on it. I’m never on time like that for school or cricket practice. This can’t be something good.

Wow but her smile though. So sincere, so innocent but deep inside, my conscious keeps tingling like Spiderman’s conscious -lecturing me about how she’s potentially a little devil inside her beautiful cocoon. The fact that she’s got my mom’s name really doesn’t make the situation any much easier. My mom’s name, a really soft spot for me that.

I see D’Obez has started to notice the little affection I seem to feel about here. He disapprovingly nods his head horizontally each time I walk out of the house just to take a glance at apartment 8.

Apartment 8….

-Mandilulame Manjezi




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